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Welcome to Uhli Boutique.

We only stock the finest range of Boho chic and Bohemian Fashions from around the world, especially Europe.

We are an online only store to keep costs down but can ship anywhere.

About Our Boho Fashio

Feeling and looking good is one unique thing, in this case Boho fashion has got a noticeable appearance though its style has been around for quite a length of time. It is a fashion that has had a great influence since 1950’s especially in the North Kensington area of London .it is at this region where the fashion has been linked to bohemian culture hence that’s where the name originated from.

Besides the bohemian culture of London, the Boho fashion also has been influenced by the Hippie Culture in the United States as defining elements in this 21st century style.

The Features of boho fashion

Bohemian clothing especially for women can sketch its way back to the European outset gypsies. That includes flowing skirts, long, soft shirts with well belled sleeves with the focus on natural fibers. However, the Colors can be bright, but with related hippie style of clothing and less patterns.

The style of Boho Fashion

  • Boho fashion Color choices are typically earth tones, but is also uses splashes of colors
  • The Bright colors like magenta, orange and light blues are what add accents to the tone-down earth colors and makes everything pop in boho fashion.
  • Also sometimes a brightly colored flowing dress or blouse might be balanced by the toned down other main portion of clothing.
  • The fashion uses nature fiber materials. Hemp and Cotton just feels nice against the breaths and skin besides being an environmentally focused since this is what usually guides their chosen material.

With this type of fashion, Shoes can vary, and comes back to your favorite. The flowing and baggy clothes are also icons of Boho fashion; tighter clothing can as well be also worn since there are not set rules but only the guidelines.

What to look for

There are several ways to wear Bohemian fashion and clothing; however the key aspects of this fashion include flowing lines, comfort and individuality. This is a dressing/ fashion that has very little to do with clothing from the Bohemia kingdom (1198 and 1918) a style associated with the region because of the northern European.

So what next for Boho?

The Boho fashion is often associated with free spirits and artists. Aspects of this fashion are found in both high-end couture design and casual street clothing. Many categories of women are drawn to the Boho fashion and therefore learning more about it can assist in enhancing wardrobe.

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